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Micropolitan Manifesto

A Call to Radically Remake and Revitalize Our Smallest Cities

Greetings, friends and readers!

photos by Pat Jarrett

Manifestos are typically reserved for the lonely and/or crazy. I’m not lonely, but I’ll take “crazy” – as Waylon Jennings sang, “I’ve always been crazy, but it’s kept me from going insane.”

Three years ago I didn’t even know who Waylon Jennings was—I never listened to country music! But, you don’t leave New York City and start a grocery/cafe in a small town without a bit of good-hearted optimism and, well, crazy.

The craziest thing? The process has made me see cities and entrepreneurship in a whole new way.

That’s what I share here. Check it out. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

This report is completely free, with nothing for sale, no affiliate links, and no email opt-in required.

Hell, skip the text and download it just for the photos! It’s filled with the award-winning photography by my friend Pat Jarrett.

What It’s About and Who It’s For

It’s about business, but not business-as-usual. It’s about cities, but not the big ones. It’s about people. What kind of people? The artists, changemakers, and entrepreneurs redefining our physical space: no to suburban sprawl, yes to revitalized downtowns! It’s about regular people who want to live in walkable communities and strengthen a local economy.  It’s about the dreamers….and the doers.

And, it’s a quick read.

Action #1: If you find these ideas interesting and valuable, would you please help in spreading it along?

You can post a link to this page or the whole PDF on your blog, through Facebook, or wherever you connect with interesting people.

Action #2: What do you think is needed in a happy, healthy, and vibrant micropolitan?

Feel free to share your response to this question in the comments field and/or sign up for the mailing list.

What Do You Think?